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Advertising solutions on the F.TAPE platform

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FTAPE ADVERTISING Advertising solutions on the F.TAPE platform

FTAPE.COM is celebrated as a refined edit of all international fashion news. We cherry pick the best news, campaigns, shows, shopping pieces and models from the top brands and influencers in the industry to provide our audience with a clutter-free, immersive experience that separates us from the many blogs and news outlets that we compete with.

By advertising with us, you place your brand and message before an audience that is responsive, early adopting and above the curve.

We attract 0.25 Million users each Month. Our audience is fashion focused and informed.
We enjoy a global audience with a concentration of 29% UK (50% Europe) and 32% USA.

We have a delicate balance of male and female visitors:

  • Our Female Audience is a concentration of 18.9% between 25-34 years old and 17.3% between 18-24 years old.
  • Our Male Audience is a concentration of 18.7% between 25-34 years old and 17.6% between 18-24 years old.
*Data measured March 2013. Google Analytics & Social Insights


There are several ways in which you can bring awareness to your Brand/Product using the F.TAPE platform.
Our platform has many adverting zones that can be purchased in CPM, CPC, weekly or monthly buyouts. We also offer Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Newsletters to get your messages to our users in your tone and voice.
We also have in-house web developers so do feel free to contact us if you have requirements outside of the offerings suggested above.


Homepage Takeover:

This consists of your full page ad that takes center stage on the F.TAPE homepage. As FTAPE.com is a responsive website, users with larger screen could see your ad displayed up to 2000 pixels in width, with most users viewing the ad display at 1400px in width. This is immersive advertising at its extreme and unique to our platform. Your ad is the only thing displayed above the fold. Your ad takes center stage with no distractions.
You may also wish to incorporate a background wallpaper to further increase the immersive capacity of the advert. Transforming the F.TAPE homepage into your own environment for the length of your campaign.

Homepage takeovers always look quite special on FTAPE.COM. We work with you to create or manage a breathtaking design that transforms the look of our homepage to worship your Campaign. We love animation and understand how important it is to make our users interact to your message. We also understand that your Homepage Takeover needs to look great on mobile devices such as an iPad, so we work with you to ensure your campaign has all the right fall-back material for people viewing your messages on mobile devices.
We would typically run your Homepage Takeover for either: 4, 7 or 10 days as part of your Campaign with us, although shorter campaign options are available.

Homepage Banners:

The F.TAPE platform can support all standard advertising units with all the popular sizes built in. We can also support placement campaigns of connected ads that run simultaneously on one page as a group of units. The format and placement of these ads can be structured in any formation and easily configured ahead of your campaign launch to optimise the visual arrangement of your time on our platform.

Article Banners:

Outside of the F.TAPE homepage, our news articles are the most active areas of FTAPE.com. Launching ad campaigns on these pages is an effective way to drive traffic to your ads if CPM is your preferred method of advertising.

Homepage Takeover visual:

BurberryBody Takeover Advertising solutions on the F.TAPE platform

Please contact us to find our more info and obtain prices based on your solution.
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